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Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park

A place to let your fur down...

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday: 8am - 6pm

Sundays & Bank Holidays: 9am - 4pm 

About Us

Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park

We are a brand new independent local business set up to help your furry family and friends have a fully enjoyable leisure experience. 

We currently offer 3 outdoor areas for you to have fun in. A further area which is based indoors is still under construction, expecting for it to be open within the next 2 weeks. Each area is different to each other and you are free to book any of them for your furries, no matter their size or personality type.

We like to refer to our areas as the staff members, as the areas will look after you during your visit. Please click 'Areas' at the top of this page to find out more about each one and please use 'Book Online' to book. Please also make sure you fully read an understand the 'Terms and Conditions' by clicking on the Terms and Conditions page above.

Please note, once the nights are lighter we will be open until 6:00pm.

Please have fun and feel free to let us know your thoughts and ideas to make your experience even better.

Get in Touch

Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park
HU16 5YJ


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