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Terms and Conditions

Booking and use of Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park means you unconditionally accept all of the Terms and Conditions below.


Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park accepts no responsibility for damage or injury sustained to any property, animal or person whilst using Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park.
Free car parking is provided on site to users of Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park. All vehicles are left entirely at your own risk and Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident or otherwise whilst on premises.
Any damage or breakages to the areas must be paid for by the dog owner using the area.
Dogs using Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park must be fully up to date with their flu/booster inoculations, it is the dog owners responsibility to ensure this.
All activity equipment provided by Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park is for the sole use of the dog(s) and must not be used by humans of any age. Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park accepts no responsibility for any injury or damage caused to you, your property or your dog(s) whilst using the agility equipment.


If your dog(s) show any sign of being unwell, please do not enter Eppleworth Dog Business Park.
If you, or any member of your household shows any symptoms of covid19, or has tested positive for covid19, please do not enter Eppleworth Dog Business Park. Take appropriate action and follow Government guidelines.


All customers using Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park must bring their own dog poo bags remove all poos after their dogs. Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park provides a bin for the bags to be placed once they are used.
Litter must not be left in any of the areas or on any part of Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park.
The areas will be inspected daily to check fencing, however should you have a concern whilst using Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park please either contact a member of staff, or call 07534 902878.
Please note during winter months the areas and pathways can be wet and muddy. We recommend appropriate footwear is worn when suitable.


Bookings will be carried out through the website and paid for using PayPal prior to arrival. Should you wish to bring additional dogs to your existing booking please contact us through our Facebook page.
The person who made the booking must be the one present at the booked time and must make anyone you bring with you aware of our Terms and Conditions at Eppleworth dog Exercise Park.
Your dog(s) must be kept on their leads at all times when not inside your booked are of Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park.
If anyone arrives late for their slot, it will not be possible to extend your booking.
You may cancel your booking within 3 days/72 hours of the slot for a refund. We are unable to cancel or refund any booking with less than 3 days/72 hours of your slot being due.
It is the customer’s responsibility to book a slot suitable to include sufficient time to unload their furry friends, use the area, and return to back inside their vehicle within the slot. Users of the areas are responsible to ensure the area is suitable for use by their dog(s). You will also be responsible for ensuring the gate is closed and secured whilst you are using the booked area. Please move directly to your chosen field to ensure other dog(s) using other areas of the park are not disturbed.
If anyone is unable to get their dog back at the end of the session must notify any staff on site. If you are unable to see a member of staff, please call 07534 902878 and ask for Karol to inform.
You are welcome to bring your children to Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park, please make sure they are supervised at all times and do not disturb users of other areas within Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park.
Hand sanitiser is provided should you require to use it during your time at Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park. Please maintain social distancing in line with Government guidelines whilst visiting Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park.


Any harsh handling of dogs, be it verbal or physical, is in no way allowed or tolerated at Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park. The use of any form of choke chains, pronged collars or other device or accessory which may harm dogs are not permitted.
No smoking or vaping is allowed anywhere at Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park.
No loud music is permitted within Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park.
You are not permitted to use drones or any other mechanically propelled devices in the areas within Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park.
Please drive responsibly within Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park as other users may arrive at a similar time to use one of the other areas within Eppleworth dog Exercise Park.


We only retain your contact details in the event of having to contact you regarding your booking. Any information you provide is not used for any other purpose.

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